Having production equipment perfectly suited to produce the required custom labels is a must.  We start with the finest 13.75” roll-fed flexographic presses, printing up to 12 colors, with multiple in-line die cut stations.  Whereas this is considered a complete label press by many label printers, it is a starting point for us.  In order to produce multi-layered labels, booklet labels, hang tags, and other complex products, we have added many attachments to our presses such as multiple unwinds and rewinds, cold foil units, gluing systems, custom-designed plow fold units, and onserting.  We also utilize specialized UV and water base inks, release coatings and deadeners for our label printing solutions.


Talent, Experience, Creativity

Equipment is useless without a team of label experts to attain and surpass the product expectations of every client. With an average tenure of over 20 years in the label printing industry, the Inventive Label staff can provide our clients with the optimal solutions for their products.  The three principles all have US Patent credits in the field of expanded content labels.  Our employees are thoroughly trained in the complexities of multi-layered label production and have years of experience in this specialized label print environment.  Simply put, if it is a difficult, close to impossible, custom label project, we are the ones to “pull it off.”