Expanded Content Labels (ECL’s)


Peel Reseal

With a base label and 1 or 2 upper label layers, this “peel open and reseal” construction enables multiple viewings of up to 5 panels of important text and graphics.


Wrap Label

A single sheet of label stock is wrapped around and attached to the entire container surface and then extends past the 360° wrap to add a second label layer which can be peeled open for viewing. The extra space is great for cosmetic labels.


Booklet Label

Pre-printed booklets of up to 16 pages are joined to a adhesive label base to provide extensive space for text and graphics. The use of a clear film overlaminate enables multiple viewings of the booklet label contents.

More Space

Expanded content labels (ECL’s), also called extended content labels or extended text labels, come in a host of configurations. Our team can help you design custom labels offering not only the needed label print space for graphics and text, but also meeting your requirements for labeling equipment and end use. We have the equipment and expertise to deliver a wide variety of custom ECL designs which will meet and surpass your expectations for any packaging labels. We welcome the challenge of unique, complex client requirements for a custom label.