The top layer of these 2-ply labels can be removed from the product with no sticky residue. The base ply can be clear to allow product label graphics to show through, or can be white film or paper for added printed text or graphics.  Hinged edges are also available.



If more space is needed to send your message, fold out coupons can do the job.  Multiple extra panels can be added to this pamphlet-style construction with printing on both sides. these labels can be resealed or separated from the product as needed.


Neck Tags

Neck tags, custom hang tags, or “hangers” are easily noticed, providing that extra promotional power.  They can be printed on both sides using paper or film.  Additionally, a clean-peel or fold-out IRC can be affixed to these promotional bottle tags.

Promo power

Our line of promotional “on pack” custom labels can have uses for instant wins, savings, cross promotions, recipes, and games to name a few.  Instant redeemable coupons, also referred to as “IRC’s”, are proven to be highly effective tools for store shelf appeal.  Inventive Label is equipped and skilled in producing coupons of all types.  We pride ourselves in our ability to work with clients to design and construct promotional pieces that fit their specific needs for size, label space, graphics and customer usage.  Label printing is our business, coupon printing is our passion.